Just For Kids ® Life Insurance

$125 One TimePremium Payment

A one-time premium payment of $125 per application($125 premium payment also covers twins or triplets)

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Insuring your kids or grand kids is an investment we hope you never need – but life happens – and you simply don’t know.Whether they are learning to read or learning to drive, there are situations in life you simply can’t control.  eSavage wants to help you protect the family in case the unimaginable happens. eSavage is offering a Just for Kids® life insurance plan from Gleaner Life.  It provides $10,000 of life insurance coverage for a one-time payment of $125.

Product  Features

  • Issued for children from 1-month old to 17 years.
  • Face amount of $10,000
  • One-time payment / one-time premium of $125
  • Twins or triplets are all covered by a single payment of $125
  • The same child can have up to three (3) active policies at the same time.
  • Policy can be converted to $50,000 face amount with no medical exam.

Policy  Overview

Option 1: allows the insured to convert to permanent life 30 days prior to the seventh certificate year anniversary.

Option 2: allows the insured to convert their certificate 30 days prior to the insured's 18th, 21st or 25th birthday. If not converted, all coverage terminates on the certificate year anniversary that follows the insured's 25th birthday.

Premium: One-time $125 premium payment
Coverage: $10,000 of term life insurance
Benefits: Option to convert to permanent life insurance later in life without a medical exam
Access to benefits like scholarships and discounted family events
Cash Value: None Gleaner Life Insurance Society is domiciled in Adrian, Michigan, &licensed in AZ, FL, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, NE, OH, PA, TN, VA, WI and WV. Just for Kids® is a policy offered by